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Good Shepherd Dropbox

Thriftway hosts collection boxes for Linn’s Good Shepherd Center. Donations of food, clothing, or monetary support may be conveniently dropped off in the front of our store.

Through the generosity of our customers, we raised over $2,000 for the Good Shepherd Food Pantry between October and December of 2010, just in time for Christmas!


Thriftway believes in giving back to the communities in the area and donates to many of the wonderful nonprofit organizations and events.

Thanksgiving and Christmas 2010


Free Delivery Service

For 45 years our family business has offered free grocery delivery service, on Thursdays, to people in the immediate area who are unable to travel to our store.

Mille Voss cheerfully loads up the Thriftway van every Thursday.

Customer Appreciation Day

The second Saturday in December is designated to Customer Appreciation Day. On that day, Santa Claus and his elves visit with the children who come to Thriftway. One free picture with Santa is given to each family. There are a large variety of free snacks, such as cookies, ice cream cones, pizza, and soda. Several drawings are held at the end of the day for numerous prizes. No purchase is necessary. The day culminates with the Linn R-2 Bands and Color Guard playing in front of the store. This is one of the ways we show our valued customers our appreciation for their patronage.

Merry Christmas from everyone at Thriftway!

Merry Christmas from everyone at Thriftway!

Osage Caring Projects

Every Christmas our Thriftway employees purchase clothes and toys for a needy family which our store has adopted that year. In 2009 we adopted a family of five and almost every item requested by the family was acquired for them by our generous employees.


Declaration For Education/Register Tapes for Education

The Declaration For Education Program was started in 2001. It rewarded participating schools with a selection of over 1,500 items they could choose from, determined by the total amount of purchases on register tapes from Linn Thriftway each school could collect. The program runs for 22 weeks each year. Our youth are our leaders of tomorrow, and it is imperative we do everything we can to make them wise and knowledgeable so in the future they can keep our country strong and free. We are extremely happy to have been able to make these donations to our area schools, our youth, and our community.
The following is a list of contributions made by Thriftway Supermarket to schools in the area over the years:
2001 – $6,597.62
2002 – $13,697.61
2003 – $6,926.92
2004 – $7,065.62
2005 – $5,822.30
2006 – $8,068.74
2007 – $3,310.45
2008 – $6,754.34
2009 – $4,675.00
2011 – $4,909.52
2012 – $4,344.26
2013 – $4,488.21
2014 – $3,685.74
2015 – $3,893.99


Parking Lot

Almost every week we have offered an area in the front of our store or in our parking lot for nonprofit organizations to set up a table or a tent for fundraisers. The organizations include: boy and girl scouts, school groups, church groups, and nonprofit organizations who are working toward the betterment of the community.

Adult Skills Advancement Program

Story reproduced from April 7th’s Unterrified Democrat
In an effort to fight illiteracy in Osage County, a new program, Adult Skills Advancement Program (ASAP), was introduced at a Learning Fair at the Thriftway parking lot in Linn.
ASAP makes it possible for residents to improve reading or computer skills, become proficient on popular office software, study and prepare for a GED, or to learn to use a computer.
Members of the ASAP team include Mark Schaeffer, Ronda Thompson, Rhonda Voss, Jennie Ames, Larry Hunt, Rep. Tom Loehner, Vicki Gravedoni, and Charlotte Bellsmith, as well as other local residents.
The team has been working together since last fall to address the literacy needs of Osage County.
The plan for the event was to present all the educational opportunities that are available to adult residents here in Osage County.
Tuesday’s event included a computer lab that was set up for tours, training and viewing (something that will be a regular part of the educational experience here in Osage), the Missouri River Regional Library Bookmobile, enabling everyone to apply for a library card as well as all the organizations and groups that offer educational experiences here in Osage County, or the surrounding area if available to our residents. There were prize drawings, a pork burger sale put on by Linn State Technical College to benefit the Daniel Mittenburg Scholarship fund, and lots of other surprises for attendees.

Below is a picture of Margaret and Hank Boeckman and Gerry and Al Linhardt who donated their time, in front of Thriftway Supermarket, to exchange poppy flowers for donations from passing customers. The donations went to the Veterans of Foreign Wars for Veterans Assistance Programs. The volunteers are standing behind a wall of red and white petunias and flowers that Nancy Ketcherside, Floral Manager, arranged in the design of our great American flag. Our everlasting thanks and appreciation go to all our Veterans!



Thanks to the generosity of Joe Scheppers, owner of N.H. Scheppers Distributing Company, Kent Kaiser, Operation Manager, and Kevin Wisch, General Manager, the world-famous Clydesdales were at Thriftway! A special thanks goes to Don Whitener, the Scheppers Sales Manager for Osage County, who made a special request to bring them to Linn Thriftway. Our appreciation also goes to the Anheuser-Busch’s Budweiser five-man team who put the horses through their paces around Thriftway’s parking lot, and the Linn City Police Department and Osage County Sheriff’s Department for directing traffic on that afternoon. The Clydesdales and their wagon were magnificent! With the outstanding help of everyone involved, Thriftway was very fortunate to be able to bring this experience to our community!


Sports Teams

Thriftway supports the local teams!


Think Pink!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For the entire month of October, Thriftway employees are encouraged to wear pink to remind everyone.


Free Carryout to Your Car

We want your experience with us to be as pleasent and easy and possible, therefore, Thriftway has provided, for 45 years, free sacking and carryout service to our customers.


4-H Involvement

Every year Thriftway purchases a steer, and sometimes a hog or other item that is up for auction, at the Linn Fair. The meat is then sold in our Meat Department at Thriftway. We feel it is extremely important to support the members of 4-H who are dedicated to raising these fine animals!


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