Linn Thriftway – Linn Mo Grocery


In 1962, Robert and Mary Wilson purchased Goff’s Supermarket, which was located in the Unterrified Democrat newspaper building, in Linn, from Bob Goff. The store grew and in 1970 Mr. and Mrs. Wilson had a new building erected for their store, next to the Methodist Church. Their business name was then changed to Thriftway.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilson, owners of the new Thriftway Supermarket, shown inside the store.

Thriftway in 1970!

39 years ago at Thriftway.

Upon Mr. Wilson’s retirement in 1980, the business was purchased by Bob and Norma Lee (Wilson) Campbell. In 1996 a larger building was erected, by Kever Construction, at its present location. The new Thriftway store not only features high-quality, low price grocery, dairy, produce, frozen, toiletries, pet, and household items, but has added a deli, bakery, floral, liquor, video, and customer service department.

Thriftway celebrates opening of new store.

Thriftway was bought from Bob and Norma Lee in 2016 by Kevin Ousley, Mike Rackers, and Bruce Bax, three long-time employees and managers. They continue to run the business from the newer location.

Thriftway celebrates with its new owners.

Linn Thriftway – Linn Mo Grocery