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Welcome to Linn Thriftway meat department.

Linn Thriftway's meat departmentWe are proud to provide our customers with the best meats department. you will find anywhere. Our butchers provide you with the highest level of quality meat products that you expect and deserve.

Our selection of quality packaged beef, pork and poultry products are sure to keep you coming back for more.

Custom orders for that special barbeque are yours for the asking, tell them what you want and they will fill your order.

Stop in today and see why our customers prefer Linn Thriftway’s meat department.


 Bruce Bax, Manager of the Meat Department at Thriftway Supermarket, and Mike Turner, meat cutting specialist at Thriftway, show the first place plaque awarded for the smoked ribs Bruce and Mike smoked in Thriftway’s new smoker. The Buck-A-Bone contest they entered was held April 17th, 2009 at Jaycee Fairgrounds in Jefferson City. There were around 37 participants in the blind judging contest. All proceeds from the contest, which was approximately $17,000, went to charity.

Linn Thriftway – Linn Mo Grocery