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Go-Green Winners

Did you know it takes hundreds of years for a plastic bag to decompose? Billions of plastic bags are used annually worldwide. In an effort to reduce the number of plastic bags consumed in Osage county, Linn Thriftway started a monthly Go-Green drawing in June of 2009.
Want a chance to win a $10 Thriftway gift card? Simply bring in reusable grocery bags when shopping at Thriftway, and for each bag we use to sack up your grocery purchase, you will earn one entry into our monthly drawing! It’s that easy! Reusable grocery bags can be purchased at Thriftway for 99 cents each, or you can bring in your own. Check out this gallery of our past winners!

2017 Winners

~*~——~*~Kathleen Gallagher~*~Ted Muenks~*~Ted Muenks~*~
~*~Virginia Fick~*~Christa Robinson~*~

2016 Winners

~*~Stacia Bax~*~Carol Haslag~*~Herbert Ivy~*~Melissa Philbert~*~
~*~Melissa Philbert~*~——~*~Christa Robinson~*~Mary Ellen Chambers~*~
~*~Betty Landsford~*~Travis Muenks~*~Mary Ellen Chambers~*~Travis Muenks

2015 Winners

~*~Sue Mohr~*~Theresa Uthe~*~——~*~Travis Muenks~*~
~*~Chris Robinson~*~Joe Spencer~*~Virginia Fick~*~Sue Mohr~*~
~*~Lois Gerchefske~*~Judy Tripp~*~Food Pantry~*~Anna Kever~*~

2014 Winners

~*~ Joe Helmig ~*~ Sarah Hoelscher ~*~ Theresa Uthe ~*~
~*~ Carol Porting ~*~ Carla Stephan ~*~ Cynthia Backes ~*~
~*~ Merilee Thoenen ~*~ Virginia Fick ~*~ Michael Bossaller ~*~
~*~ Mary Ellen Chambers ~*~ Patricia Schaefer ~*~

Linn Thriftway – Linn Mo Grocery